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I was in college at Stanford. I wanted to play football and decided to try out for the team. I played before but wasn't a great scholarship type player but love the game and wanted to make new friends in my first year. I tried out and got a spot for wide receiver. Most of the games I was on the side, didn't play, but made lots of friends. My pal, John, was the quarterback. He was a known womanizer with lots of girls trailing after him. Sports are a great way to pick up girls and he had plenty.

One night he came over to my place. We were bullshitting on games, fellow players and the coaches and knocked out a few beers. I went to take a piss and when I got back. A porno was on the tv and John was jerking off.

"You want to suck my cock" he asked.

I didn't answer and got on my knees. I started sucking the head of his fat cock and then took off all his clothes. I started licking his nipples taking turns with each one as I squeezed his balls. And then I went back down on his fat massive cock. I deepthroated the member down to his balls and then tugged at his balls with my teeth. Precum oozed from his cock. With his legs spread wide and me in the middle, I tongued his asshole then stuck my finger in. I jerked his cock off to his first orgasm but it wasn't over I could tell because he was still hard as a rock.

This time I sucked him again. I held on to the base of cock and started sucking him again. I toyed with a balls some more and faster and faster I sucked his cock. Harder and harder it got till he blew another load down my throat.

We cleaned up in the bathroom and then I gave him a massage. He grabbed my cock as I stood over him and sucked me off. It was the start of a great couple of years at Stanford.