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Mario Romo, Lover to Gay Millionaire, Jake Clyde Merendino, David Meza
Mario Romo aka David Meza. The same person who killed his lover Jake Clyde Merendino, a gay millionaire, and scribbled a will on a notepad leaving his $4 million dollar estate to him. Well, before all this, he was a bisexual porn star. If not pornstar, one who starred in several porn films. He happens to be with Jake Cruise as he gets serviced. What drove Jake Merendino to lavish him with multiple cars? Check out the videos and wonder.
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From Jake Cruise...I'm here with my new friend Mario Romo and not only is he hot, he is PACKING. I make sure to get a good look at those bedroom eyes, adorable dimples and kissable lips before heading downstairs to whip out his ginormous prick. His cock is THICK. Hotter yet, Mario doesn't trim his pubes and he has a full crop. I love em' natural and it's so hard to find nowadays. Mario gets so worked up from me sucking down his cock and eating his ass that he turns the tables and goes down on me! Mario is as prolific a cock-sucker as he is a kisser. I loved feeling him on top of me, rubbing and kissing. We take turns sucking and then 69 each other before I lay back and get comfortable for Mario to cum all over my face. He jerks himself off wildly above my head and gives me quite the mouthful of warm juice. He bends down and kisses his sweet cum from my lips and then settles in next to me on the couch. Kissing Mario is all I need to blow my own load onto my belly.